Mission & Vision

Vision: By 2024, we will be the premier water utility in Pangasinan that provides quality water and services in compliance with international standards.

Mission: To distribute best quality, sustainable, and affordable water and services without compromising our natural resources.

Quality Policy: We commit to consistently distribute adequate, safe, and potable water to our concessionaires through the provision of affordable and cost effective services.

We commit to comply with all statutory requirements and ensure continual improvement of all our operating processes.

Core Values: ACWD ay TAPAT!

A-ACCOUNTABILITY The District must promote a culture of accountability among its personnel to uphold honesty and integrity in all levels of the institution in various operational procedures and processes.

C-CUSTOMER-ORIENTEDNESS The District must give due importance to its customers and their expectations in its services.

W-WORTHINESS Is a sense of having great merit and value. Believe in your worthiness and step into your greatness.

D-DEDICATION The District must be dedicated to deliver the best services to its consumers.

T-TRANSPARENCY Being truthful, honest and faithful employee of the Water District, we prescribe to being upfront and visible about our actions and our actions are consistent with our values.

A-ADAPTABILITY The District must cope with the changing business environment and customer needs and develop holistic approach in solving future challenges through proper corporate interventions and programs.

P-PROFESSIONALISM The District must meet the standards in delivering its pledged services to its valued customers.

A-AWARENESS The District must promote awareness and education in fields that directly and indirectly affect the lives of its consumers, such as Environment, Livelihood, and Health.

T-TEAMWORK All personnel of the District play vital roles in the success of the institution and must function together as a team to make the work easier and promote camaraderie.

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